My Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

I am sure that some will be controversial but I like to error on the safe side.

  1. Thru Hull Fittings. I always close all of mine if I will be away from the boat more than 24 hours.
  2. Head water thru hull fitting. It is only open when in actual use. (The manual and a placard recommend this.)
  3. Propane Tank Manual Valve. I only have the manual valve open when using propane. Don’t bet your life on a $12.00 solenoid valve.
  4. Water Tanks. I use up all the water from the bow tank first then use the stern tank. If we are not on long trips I keep the bow tank empty. This keeps weight aft unless a long trip is underway and for the most part keeps the water fresh.
  5. Battery Switches. (WindWalker has the start battery on position #1; the house batteries on position #2.)
    1. I never use both unless it is a start emergency.
    2. I always use the house batteries #2
    3. The start battery #1 is only used as a backup or in a test.

    While the engine is on remember to never select off then on. This will probably fry the alternator.

  6. Diesel Fuel
    1. Keep full in the winter to reduce condensation water from getting into the tank.
    2. Always add BIOBOR or the similar to keep diesel system clean
    3. Annually change both fuel filters
  7. HEAD Only use fresh water. This can come from the telescoping shower head or modify the basin discharge with the option to cycle grey water into the head.
  8. Man Overbroad. Practice the drill each spring.
  9. Bail out kit. Have a VHF radio, hand-held GPS and Flares in a bag in case you need to jump in the dink. ( Our is on Garhauer davits on the back).
  10. Reefer. On long trips with the engine on select full cold. The select back to +/- 4. Also put a ground cover over the food. This traps the cold air.
  11. Be kind to the 1st mate.

Cheers, Dick Walker C-320 (687) WindWalker II 740 Olive Ave. Coronado, CA 92118-2136 619.435.8986